The Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan

R[/av_dropcap1]epublic Act 7611 otherwise known as the “Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) for Palawan Act” is a landmark legislation which had brought together multisectoral efforts in effecting a serious and sustained agenda that will provide for the continued existence of a unique ecological system not found in any part of the world.

The SEP is a pioneering work which spells out, with the strength and vigor of the law and the corresponding administrative machinery, how sustainable living can be done now, inspite of the many fora around the world which has so far produced volumes of documents but very little in terms of positive action for the environment.

The law declares that it is the policy of the State to protect, develop and conserve the country’s natural resources by supporting the implementation of plans, programs and projects formulated to preserve and enhance the environment while pursuing socio-economic goals. The policy, as declared, implies the inclusion of areas other than Palawan which can be subjected to the sustainable development activities appropriate for the people and the natural environment in which they live.

It is also the task of the State to support and promote sustainable development through proper conservation, utilization and development of natural resources to provide optimum yields on a continuing basis. To this end, forest conservation and protection will be pursued by the State through the imposition of total commercial logging ban.

An institutional machinery shall also be put up by the State with the proper fiscal and financial capability to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the environmental programs. While the State initiates these fundamental activities, it is explicit in the law that the people shall be encouraged to participate in all the activities leading to the realization of the goals of SEP.

SEP Comprehensive Framework Plan

Republic Act 7611 has adopted Palawan’s Comprehensive Framework Plan to serve as a guide for the local government, the government agencies concerned in provincial development, and for those involved in the formulation and implementation of plans and programs.