SDG Peace and Partnership Champion Awardee: Palawan State University

by | May 3, 2023

Palawan State University, commonly referred to as PSU, is a renowned institution in the province of Palawan. With its innovative, forward-thinking approach, as well as its commitment to providing world-class instruction and services, PSU has produced graduates who are competitive in the global economy. In line with its mission and vision, it has always reinvented and upgraded itself to keep up with the ever-changing global landscape.

Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) is a testament to PSU’s leadership and transformational body of work in the province of Palawan. What began as a teacher’s college in 1965 has matured into a multi-faceted and multi-layered academic institution, with an impressive track record of achievements and a broad network of connections here and abroad.

PSU has been instrumental in the creation of intelligent policies, constructive innovations, and environmental projects, which the people of Palawan could not now live without. It also welcomes and vehemently advocates for gender and racial equality; economic empowerment; sovereignty and integrity of the Philippine territory, and environmental protection and conservation, among the many other valuable undertakings and advocacies that it lobbies for.

PSU here, PSU there! The ever-omnipresent academic institution. Humble, but never complacent and irrelevant!

In recognition of its exceptional efforts, the PCSDS bestows its Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Peace and Partnership Champion Award 2022 to Palawan State University (PSU) for their outstanding promotion of peace, transparency, governance, and participatory engagement of various sectors or institutions in Palawan Biosphere Reserves.

Congratulations and carry on to the numero uno’s!