RFF Seasonal Control Lifted

by | Jan 15, 2018


The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development resolved during its 239th Regular Meeting the suspension of the implementation of Section 9 PCSD AO 5, or the seasonal control in the catching, culture, trade and transport and export of Reef-Fish-for-Food in Palawan for a year, stating the need for a more in-depth socio economic study on the implementation of the seasonal control of RFF in the province.

PCSD Resolution No. 17-607 came about after a dialogue was held with the stakeholders from the southern municipalities of Palawan during the Council’s 238th Regular Meeting.

According to the Palawan Live Fish Traders of Quezon, the imposition of the ban greatly affects their livelihood as they are not ready for the said Order’s implementation.

It was also further resolved that the concerned LGUs shall make available funds at its respective executive budget and implement the following:
1. Declare 30% of its municipal waters as sanctuary;
2. Rehabilitate damage coral reef areas;
3. Provide livelihood opportunities to stakeholders; and
4. Strengthen law enforcement.


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