Heavy Industries (i.e. cement manufacturing plant, power plant, etc.)

1. Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) (Refer to DENR DAO 96-37 Series of 1996, for contents of EIS)

Additional requirements to be attached to the EIS:

• Location map/Project site plotted on the Topographic map with 1:50,000 scale
• Site Development Plan/Map noting adjacent water bodies (scale: 1:10,000)

2. Status of Land/Land Claim

• Certification/evaluation from CENRO/PENRO
• Land Title/Tax Declaration/Stewardship contract, whichever is applicable

3. Endorsement from the following LGU with resolution including a copy of the documentation of the consultation process

• Sangguniang Pambarangay
• Sangguniang Bayan
• Prior Informed Consent from the Indigenous tribal communities in case the area falls within the domain of the Ips.

4. In case of renewal and expansion, environmental accounting of previous operation

• Environmental accounting of the previous operation