1. Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) (Refer to DENR DAO 96-37 Series of 1996, for contents of EIS)

Additional requirements to be attached to the IEE:

• Location map/Project site plotted on the Topographic map with 1:50,000 scale
• Site Development Plan/Map noting adjacent water bodies (scale: 1:10,000)
• Project site/perimeter map as verified by the CENRO
• Feasibility Studies (if applicable)

2. Status of Land/Land Claim

• Certification/evaluation from CENRO/PENRO
• Land Title/Tax Declaration/Stewardship Contract, whichever is applicable
• Concession Agreement between LGU and the Proponent

3. Endorsement from the following LGU with attached resolution including a copy of the documentation of the consultation process undertaken

• Sangguniang Pambarangay (All barangays covered by the project)
• Sangguniang Bayan

4. Endorsement/Certification from DA-BFAR

5. Resource Management plan/CRMDP for Fishery Projects

• Proposed Development/Management Plan and Annual Operations Plan
• Inventory (100%) of Mangrove/Coastal Forest Resources

6. Zoning Clearance from the Municipal/City Zoning Officer