Resort/Beach, Resort/Bathing Establishment

  1. Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) (Refer to DENR DAO 96-37 Series of 1996, for contents ofEIS).  For small bathing establishment only IEE is required instead of EIS.  For Island Resort Full Blown IEE is required.


  • Location map/Project site plotted on the Topographic map with 1:50,000 scale
  • Site Development Plan/Map noting adjacent water bodies (scale:  1;10,000)
  • Special use permit for bathing establishment
  1. Endorsement from the following LGU with attachedresolution including a copy of the documentation of the consultation process


  • Sangguniang Pambarangay
  • Municipal/City Council
  • Indigenous tribal communities in case the area fallswithin a certified ancestral land/domain
  1. Zoning Clearance from the Municipal/City Zoning Officer


  1. Proof of Land Ownership, Land Claim or Land Occupancy and Land Status


  • If A & D area, submit foreshore lease application/permit
  • If timberland, submit special use permit/application
  • Certification/evaluation from the CENRO
  • Title/Tax declaration Certificate of Stewardship Contract (CSC), if applicable