An activity that passes ALL criteria shall be considered as outside the purview of the Philippine EIS System, and shall be issuedCertificate of Non-Coverage upon request by the proponent. Examples of such activities that may be issued Certificates of Non-Coverage are:

  • butterfly farming covering an area of not more than one thousand (1,000) square meters;
  • rice or corn mills not exceeding 1.0 tonne/hour input capacity;
  • flowers/ornamentals production and sale, including landscaping;
  • backyard animal farms not exceeding 5,000 heads of birds, or 2 sows with 20 pigs;
  • individual residential houses or commercial buildings/structures;
  • sari-sari stores;
  • garment manufacturing (without dyeingand only involving spinning, cutting and sewing);
  • organic compost/fertilizer making not exceeding 10,000 bags (50 kg)/annum in capacity;
  • pedestrian overpass;
  • cottage industry (e.g. stuffed toys, handicrafts, giftwares); and importationor purchase of equipment (e.g., tractors, haulers, sprayers, dryers, shellers, fishing gear and equipment, vessels, vehicles, planes).  However, the operation of such equipment shall be subject to applicable permit or licensing requirements.

All other projects, including those operating prior to 1982 or registered as Kalakalan 20 and meeting the criteria set forth in Sec. 2 Article II of DAO 96-37, are considered not covered by the Philippine EIS System.  A Certificate of Non-Coverage shall be issued upon request of the proponent.