El Nido-Taytay Managed Resource
Protected Area

El Nido -Taytay Managed Resource Protected Area (ENTRMRPA) was proclaimed by virtue of a Presidential Proclamation signed by His Excellency President Joseph Estrada last October 8, 1998 and other proclamations, Department Orders, Republic Acts and Executive Orders, all for the purpose of protecting El Nido. It is one of the eight priority areas of the National Integrated Protected Areas Programme

The PA is approximately 90,321 hectares where 36,018 hectares is terrestrial, while 54,303 hectares compose the marine component. The highest peak is at Cadlao Island, with an elevation of 640 meters. The islands and the mainland are dotted with karst limestone formations.

There are twenty-one barnagays inside the PA, eighteen barangays from the municipality of El Nido and three from Taytay. The PA is on the western side of the mainland, expanding the boundaries of the former marine reserve.

It is governed by the precautionarly principle, “Sustainable Resource Use and Development that benefits Local Communities”. This is to address the threats/pressing problems being faced by the PA like illegal fishing, land conversion, illegal logging, etc.

The system of zoning was made according to the harmonized NIPAS Act and the SEP Law. The terms used were mainly that of the SEPLaw, but the considerations and the criteria used to determine the zones were from both laws. It is important that the zoning management will be understood and followed by all otherwise management will be adversely affected.

The cooperation of various government agencies, NGO’S PO’s are included in the cooperating staff since the implmentation of the management plan is designed to be a multi-sectoral in approach. The regulations and the policies will be integrated to that of the LGU’s to strengthen and ensure effective enforcement.

The management of the ENTRMRPA will involve continuous linkages with other government and non-government entities, extensive participation of the PAMB and the local community in the management of resources. This includes financial sustainability protection and conservation of resources.

The natural resource of El Nido brings benefits to the people of El Nido, the Philippines and the world, but these benefits depend on a healthy environment. A partial valuation of the annual economic benefits reveals net benefits of over P200 million/year. The cost of conservation is only P 10 million/year, thus investing in conservation makes sound economic sense.

The Protected Area Management Board is mandated under the NIPAS Act to decide on the management strategy and policies for the PA. In ENTMRPA, it was established in 1998 and formally assembled in February 1999, but the member’s appointments are yet to be verified by the DENR Secretary. It is composed of representatives from local government, NGO’s, barangay representatives in PA, relevant government agencies, IP’s women and local businesses. The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) and the DENR jointly chair, and the PASu and his staff serve as Secretariat.

Last eight year activities focused on the Capacity Building for PAO staff, PAMB members and local communities, Law Enforcement, Training and Deputizing Community Rangers, Information and Education Campaign (IEC), Data Collection and Management Planning, Turtle Management, Infrastructure Development and Trail Construction

To ensure that PA is manage, self-supporting activities were formulated through the setting and collecting of fees from visitors and resource users. This is partly due to population pressure , both the sheer numbers and the mobility of population, and partly due to the shift from a subsistence to a market driven economy.