PCSDS visits elementary schools to promote wildlife conservation

by | Oct 4, 2019

THE PALAWAN COUNCIL for Sustainable Development (PCSD) Staff is set to visit elementary schools in Puerto Princesa to raise awareness on wildlife conservation in Palawan and share the provisions of RA 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act.

The campaign entitled, “Batang Palaweño, Batang Makakalikasan” aims to let children value Palawan’s natural resources by helping them understand the island’s ecological significance.

PCSD IEC Officer Mencho Dimaranan said, “What we want for this campaign is to make being ‘makakalikasan’ a given value for the children in Palawan, because as we all know, they hold a big number of population and they are the next generation of leaders.”

She added, “One of our top priority is to ensure that these children understand the provisions of Wildlife Act. Be instilled in their minds, at young age, that the wildlife is protected by the law.”

As of the moment, the staff is visiting public elementary schools in Puerto Princesa such as in Bucana, Brgy. Tagbarungis, Inagawan,Tagumpay, Kamuning and Mangingisda.

The campaign also exists in the northern and southern part of Palawan through IEC officers in the the district offices of PCSDS. Aside from interactive lectures, activities include related games and giving of pledges.

People and organizations who are interested in helping in the campaign are encouraged to volunteer or partner with the PCSD Staff.

First Youth Camp

After series of school visits at secondary schools, PCSD Stall will host its first ever Sustainable Development Goals Youth Camp on October 18 to 19, 2019 at Brgy. Irawan, Puerto Princesa City where about sixty students from six different schools will gather.

The two-day camp will focus on lectures explaining the basic science of climate change and the ecosystem and activities that empower young people to fulfill their active role in achieving United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Students of Tagbarungis Elementary School raise their personal pledges to help conserve the rich biodiversity of Palawan.
A grade IV student from Matahimik-Bucana Elementary School raises her hand to give the local name of Philippine Pangolin– Balintong. Photo taken during one of PCSD Staff school visits last August 15 under the Batang Palaweno, Batang Makakalikasan Campaign.
KEEP WILDLIFE IN THE WILD: After sharing to his school mates one of his practices to save wildlife, ten-year old student of Matahimik-Bucana Elementary School held his new bag that says “Keep Wildlife in theWild.”