PCSDS in partnership with AIMS in Palawan thru MOC

by | Dec 5, 2022

The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff is now ready to kick off its partnership with the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIaMS) in the province of Palawan, through the signing of Memorandum of Collaboration (MOC). 

The MOC will enable the creation of Work and Financial Program, as well as the data-sharing protocols for the said Australian-funded undertaking. 

The PCSDS-AIMS partnership is one of the two partnerships of PCSDS with the Australian Government, under the Marine Resources Initiative (MRI) Project with funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia.

Through MOC, the Australian government will be able to provide technical assistance to the PCSD Staff, Philippine researchers, and coral reef managers with new technologies. The MRI Project will be able to generate up-to-date images and information on the plight of marine ecosystems, and the overall state of the marine biodiversity which will be useful for PCSDS in developing programs, projects, and policies on it.