PCSDS Enforcement Land Base Team joins DENR-CENRO in conducting monitoring and inventory of fallen timber in Barangay Abaroan, Roxas, Palawan

by | Feb 23, 2022

The PCSDS Enforcement Unit, through the Land base team, joined and assisted DENR-CENRO in the continuation of inventory of fallen timber and monitoring at Barangay Abaroan, Roxas, Palawan on February 14, 2022.

Abaroan Barangay officials received approximately 2,600 board feet of lumber on February 15, 2022. The following day, the team assisted in delivering the above-mentioned timber to the lumbermill for slicing. On February 17, 2022, approximately 846.6 board feet of lumber were sliced and delivered to the Abaroan Barangay Hall for distribution to the recipient families affected by Typhoon Odette for house renovation.

Said distribution of sliced lumbers to the recipient families became possible through the initiatives and participation of DENR-CENRO personnel led by Mr. Christopher Padrones, Barangay Abaroan’s Captain, and the PCSDS Enforcement Land Base Team.