Republic of the Philippines
(R.A. 7611)
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan



WHEREAS, Section 23 of the Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act 7611, otherwise known as the “Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) for Palawan Act”, provides for the creation of committees to address specific concerns;

WHEREAS, each of these committees shall be headed by a regular PCSD member who may designate his members from the PCSD, PCSDS and outside public and private sector;

WHEREAS, the Palawan Council For Sustainable Development (PCSD) shall refer to theses committees all matters, proposals and measures requiring action or consideration by the Council;

WHEREAS, several critical issues and activities matters relative tot the implementation of the SEP have already been identified requiring immediate action and resolution by the Council; a list of which is hereto attached as Annex “1” of this Resolution;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED as it is hereby resolved that the following committees be created and constituted to address these critical issues and activities:

  1. Committee on Coastal, marine (Wetland) Affairs
  2. Committee on Forest Affairs
  3. Committee on Finance
  4. Committee on Legal and Inter-Government Affairs
  5. Committee on External Affairs
  6. Committee on Education and Information
  7. Committee on Development Projects and Evaluation
  8. Committee on Research
  9. Committee n Tourism

RESOLVED FURTHER that the Council Members nominate/designate from among themselves the Chairman of each of these committees.

Executive Director

Annex “1”



     As cited in Section 23 of the Rules and Regulations Implementing the SEP, functional committees to be created to address specificconcerns. All matters, proposals and measures shall be referred by the Council to these specific committees. The committee(s) concerned shall submit its reports to the Council within a period of 30 days from such referral.

     Each committee shall be headed by a regular PCSD member who may designate his members from the PCSD, PCSDS and outside public or private sector whose skill or expertise on a particular field would be of valuable assistance to the committee.

      The Council may discharged a committee when the objective or reason for its creation had been accomplished or is no longer existing. The committee members shall hold office at the discretion of the Council.


1. Committee on Coastal/Marine (Wetlands) Affairs

    1. Study of the presidential proclamation declaring that islands less than 50,000 ha cannot be titled in the light of current forms of ownership, use and ecosystem management.
    1. Study of Presidential Proclamation declaring the whole of Palawan as Mangrove Swamp Forest Reserve in the light of Current system of mangrove utilization and programs of government, i.e. Mangrove Community-based Reforestation Contracts by DENR-Fishery Sector Program.
      1. Development of position papers on:
          1. permitting system for the possession of cyanide;
          1. tourism development in El Nido, specific to the marine component,
          1. and the Tubattaha Reef; management of lakes in the province, lakes in Taytay and Coron


    1. Strengthening of fishery law enforcement
    1. Development of criteria for the delineation of coastal core zone and multiple Use zone as part of ECAN.

2. Committee on Forest Affairs

    1. Review of existing TLAs and the extent of area coverage on the bases of ECAN parameters and guidelines for zone delineation.
    1. Review of existing coverage of ISF. Industrial Tree Plantations, reforestation contracts (corporate, community, family-based), concessions for gathering of minor forest products, e.g. rattan. Almaciga resin, etc.
    1. Finalization of ECAN parameters/criteria for the delineation of terrestrial areas outside of the core zone.
  1. Finalization of guidelines for the identification. Establishment and management of communal forest in the municipalities.

3. Committee on Finance

    1. Preparation/reactivation of project proposals to EEC and other funding donors.
    1. Networking with financing institutions and other concerned parties (government, NGO’s, private groups, etc.) to generate funding support for implementation of programs and projects under the SEP.
  1. Review of Annual Work and Financial Plan of PCSD and PCSDS.

4. Committee on legal and Inter-Government Affairs

      1. Development of complementary mechanism for the functional relationship of PCSD-PDC and the PCSDS-PPDO.
      1. Strengthening of LGUs law enforcement capabilities.
      1. Development of guidelines/procedures for the imposition of sanctions to enforce compliance to any provision of RA 7611.
      1. Review existing legislations at the local and national levels towards revisions/amendments of any policies/laws/legislations found contrary to RA 7611.
    1. Spearhead proposal for amendment of any provision of RA 7611 (if necessary).

5. Committee on External Affairs

    1. Networking with developmental institutions.
    1. Networking with environmental institutions.
  1. Preparation/review of proposals for membership in international conservation organizations for seeking technical/financial cooperation.

6. Committee on Education and Information

    1. Networking with media and educational institutions.
    1. Development of the general framework for all education and information activities.
    1. Establishment of working arrangements with LGUs and other concerned parties regarding the conduct of regular education/information campaign in the municipalities.
  1. Development of implementation guidelines to enhance meaningful participation of beneficiaries, community group and other private organization.

7. Committee on Development Projects and Evaluation

    1. Review of existing Tourism Master Plan in the light of Palawan being a pilot tourism area and the concept of ecology tourism.
    2. Review of EIS System and its application in Palawan including the identification of projects (on-going and proposed) needing EIA, such as:
      1. infrastructure -roads, ports, dams, bridges and sea wall
      1. manufacturing industries and their waste disposal system
        1. mining – open-pit and underground methods of operation

nuclear waste disposal (if Palawan is really considered as a possible site)

      1. oil explorations
      1. Finalization of the PCSD’s 5-year implementation plan.
    1. In relation to item b, establish working arrangements with EMB/DENR for monitoring compliance of ECC by project proponents.
  1. Coordinate with Committee on External Affairs regarding possible exchange/research cooperation with recognized international and regional bodies.

8. Committee on Research

    1. Networking with research institutions.
    1. Inventory of past, on-going and proposed researches which have bearing on the SEP and its programs.
  1. Establishment of the Geographic Information System as a tool for research, planning and monitoring in the province.

9. Committee on Tribal Affairs

    1. Evaluation of proposals to declare the island of Coron and the nearby Delian island as Natural and Cultural Preserves.
    1. Development of criteria for the delineation of tribal ancestral lands as part of ECAN.
  1. Establishment of network of organized tribal communities in the province of Palawan.

10. Committee on Tourism

    1. Review of existing Tourism Master Plan in the lights of Palawan being a pilot tourism area and the concept of ecology tourism.
    1. Development of criteria/guidelines for the establishment of tourism projects in Palawan.
    1. Corollary to item a and b above, review and evaluation of proposals (from private groups, NGO’s, etc.) for tourism development/investments
    1. Recommend to PCSD the approval of tourism development plans/programs and project proposals.

11. Committee on Media Relations

    1. Establishment of linkages with media channels.
    1. Preparation of press releases.
  1. Conduct of press conference.


    1. Committee on Coastal/Marine Affairs
          1. Chairman : Joemari Gerochi
        1. Member:
    2. Committee on Forect Affairs
        1. Chairman : Usec. Ricardo Umali
      1. Members :
        1. Raymundo Crisostomo-CENRO, Puerto Princesa District
        2. Elmer Gapay -CENRO, Narra District
        3. Rogelio Paglinawan-CENRO, Quezon District
        4. Benito Albrando-CENRO,Brooke’s Point District
        5. Segundino Martin-CENRO, Roxas,District
        6. Diosdado Ocampo-CENRO, Taytay,District
        7. Benigno de Guzman -OIC CENRO, Coron District
        8. Armando Rtuaquio- PENRO,Province of Palawan
    1. Committee on Legal and Inter-Government Affairs
        1. Chairman : Cong. Amor Abueg
      1. Members :
    1. Committee on Project Development and Evaluation
        1. Chairman : Vice Gov. Joel Reyes
      1. Members :
        1. Mr. Soc. Madamba
        2. Dep. Dir. Mechor Prado
    1. Committee on Finance
        1. Chairman : Dir. Roland RF. Rodriguez
      1. Members :
        1. Dep. Dir. Melchor Prado
        2. Dir. Lualhati Tabugon
        3. Dir. Ricardo Sandalo
        4. Dir. Jane Urbanek
        5. Dir. Raquel Ang
    1. Committee on External Affairs
        1. Chairman : Dep. Dir. Gen. Aniceto Sobrepeña
      1. Members :
        1. Dir. Melchor Prado
    2. Committee on Education and Information
        1. Chairman : Rear Admiral Pio Garrido
      1. Members :
    1. Committee on Research
        1. Chairman : Mayor Edward Hagedorn
      1. Members :
        1. Mr. Angel Padon
        2. Ms. Connie Aban
        3. Mr. Vic Milan
        4. Mr. Tony Daquer
        5. Mr. Angel Reyes
    2. Committee on Tribal Affairs
        1. Chairman : Fr. Armando Limsa
      1. Members :
        1. Atty. Gerthie Anda Ms.
        2. Precilla Yap
        3. Mr. Juan Garing
    1. Committee on Tourism
        1. Chairman : Atty. Teodoro Peña
      1. Members :
        1. Mr.Vic Milan
        2. Mrs. Ellen Hagedorn
        3. Mrs. Corazon Timones
        4. Fr. Armando Limsa
  1. Committee on Media Relations
      1. Chairman : Mr. Vic Milan
    1. Members: