PCSD Online Permitting System

by | Jul 4, 2019

In line with Republic Act 11032 otherwise known as “Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Delivery of Government Services”, the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development in partnership with USAID Protect Wildlife Program launches an online permitting system.

As a part of the “BRAIN System” Project, this new application serves as an online gateway for PCSD Permit Applicants that will enable them to transact and obtain their permits digitally.

The goals and features of this system are:

1. Zero personal contact with permitting staff

2. Ensure client satisfaction by speeding up the application process

3. Minimize the use of paper

4. Improve enforcement of regulatory functions of the PCSD

Clients can now apply for a permit at remotely via the internet. This fast and lightweight WEB APP is specially designed for to provide clients with a simplified and efficient online application process whose progress they can monitor at any time. Queries and other correspondence are recorded through emails and chat boxes, providing for faster response times to any issues that may arise during the permitting process.

Printing is optional for both client and PCSD staff. QR CODE (Quick Response) technology will be used for extensively for BRAIN. Applicants will be given a QR Code that will function as a transaction receipt, allowing the client to monitor his application. This will also function as an official permit once the permit is granted. All transaction details are embedded to this QR Code and serve as a valid PCSD Permit.

 In the field, enforcement will be simplified as electronic databases accessible to field staff will be automatically updated, allowing for a speedier determination of permit validation on field

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