The Geographic Information System (GIS) of PCSDS is a comprehensive source of georeferenced information in Palawan.

Various thematic maps can be retrieved from the system, and will continue to produce more as it is being enriched with new information to serve its use.

The PCSDS GIS is more than just a computer based system but rather an effective tool to help in policy formulation and decision making. It is being used by the PCSDS Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation System (EMES) to track changes in the environment of Palawan, thus providing the PCSD with a scientific and realistic picture necessary in projecting better decisions. The system had been very useful not only to the PCSD but as well with other clients and students needing situational information such as thematic maps of Palawan, particularly the Environmentally Critical Areas Network (ECAN). Thematic maps sizes AO, A1, A2 & Poster size (Public Agency 1,500 Private 2,000) A3 & Tabloid Size (Public Agency 500 Private 800) A4 and Letter size (Public Agency 250 Private 400) GPS Base Data Free.