The PCSD Environmental Laboratory of the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff was established in 1995 to strengthen the Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation System (EMES), which is a support mechanism for the Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan. The PCSD Environmental Laboratory was placed under the supervision and management of the ECAN Monitoring and Evaluation Division (EMED).

The PCSD Environmental Laboratory is the only recognized environmental laboratory by the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources – Environmental Management Bureau in the province of Palawan and the city of Puerto Princesa. The Certificate of Recognition (C.R. No. 053/2009) was granted on February 27, 2009. The scope of recognition includes the analysis of water and wastewater for the parameters such as Biochemical Oxygen Demand5, Chromium hexavalent, Fecal Coliform, Total Coliform, Color, Dissolved Oxygen, Oil and Grease, pH, Temperature, Total Dissolved Solids, and Total Suspended Solids.

The PCSD Environmental Laboratory also provides analytical services to other water quality parameters provided in the Table I (laboratory services with corresponding price).

Mission Statement of the Laboratory

The PCSD Environmental Laboratory is committed to provide excellent laboratory services to government and non-governmental agencies that need technically valid, legally defensible and of known quality environmental data for the purpose of environmental research, monitoring and enforcement.

Scope and Nature of Work

The PCSD Environmental Laboratory provides quality services for the physical-chemical, heavy metal, and microbiological analysis for ground water, surface water, seawater, drinking water, wastewater influent and effluent for the purpose of environmental research, monitoring and enforcement of PCSDS. It also serves the academe, other governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies and industries.

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