Palawan Knowledge Platform welcomes 3 new members

by | May 15, 2019

Palawan Knowledge Platform welcomes 3 new members

This April, the Palawan Knowledge Platform (PKP) officially welcomed Zoological Society of London (ZSL), Aquos Foundation, and Fullbright College as its new members.

            PKP is the working body of Palawan Knowledge Platform for  Biodiversity and Sustainable  Development (PKPBSD), an online  platform designed by Palawan Council for Sustainable Development to serve as a device for sharing of information and data regarding biodiversity and  sustainable development in  Palawan.         

            During the 20th PKP Meeting last April 23 at Ivy Wall Hotel, ZCL Project Manager  Charity Apale and Aqous Foundation President Janet Oquendo signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with PKP.

            Before the month concluded, Fullbright College President Engr. Eustacio Edualino also signed the same memorandum.

            ZCL is an international charity that promotes worldwide conservation of wildlife; Aquos Foundation is by Banwa Private Island that aims to enrich marine flora and fauna,  while Fullbright College is a private, non-sectarian educational institution.

            PKP has now a total of 29 members from the academic institutions, government agencies, and civil society in Palawan.

Palawan Knowledge Platform welcomes two of its new members during the PKP 20th Meeting last April 23 at IvyWall Hotel. Sitting from left is Aqous  Foundation President Janet Oquendo, PCSDS Executiver Director Nelson Devanadera, ZCL Project Manager Charity Apale, and PCSDS EPKMD Head Madrono Cabrestante Jr.