by | Jun 25, 2015

In June 1990, then PIADPO now PCSD Staff initiated the first Pista Y Ang Kagueban (Feast of the Forest) tree planting ceremonies at the Irawan Watershed area. This was the call of this office against the exploration undertaken by the Benguet Mining Corporation in the heart of Puerto Princesa’s main source of water. Not less than 500 students, private and public employess and the NGOs participated in that event. Now, after 25 years, the planted trees in there are getting taller and bigger. Illegal settlers in the area were resettled to a more descent and permanent place by the City government.

Looking back on this year, the SEP was still at the Senate of the Philippines waiting for its third and final reading. Taking a big role in the legitimization of the the SEP Law were Congressman David Ponce De Leon and House Speaker Ramon V. Mitra Jr.

Dates to remember:

July 16, 1990-a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Luzon causing damage to 20,000 area from the Cordillera Autonomous Region stretching down to the Central Luzon area. Baguio City was badly hit. The quake was felt in Metro Manila.

November 12, 1990-Typhoon Ruping hit the Visayas area, damaging Cebu, Bacolod and other Visayan cities. Ruping was then lightly felt in Palawan.

Also in this year, DWRM Radyo ng Bayan-Palawan goes ‘on the air.’ One of its remote coverage then was the 1st Pista with Ka Ernie Alcala reporting live.

PIADPO staff participating in the treeplanting.
PIADPO staff participating in the tree planting.