SEP Chronology of Events

The Palawan Integrated Area Development Project – Phase I was approved. Its approval ushered Palawan’s serious attempt in protecting the environment with the inclusion of the Integrated Environmental Plan (IEP) in the implementation of the project. IEP was intended to formulate and implement an ecologically sound developmental strategy towards attaining sustainable development for the province of Palawan.
March 1983
IEP conducted an environmental assessment, planning and formulated programs for mainland Palawan. This included the Strategic Environmental Plan for Mainland Palawan, Hydrometric Network Study and the Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation System. The draft report was formulated by Hunting Technical Services, U.K., England in association with MacDonald and Partners, England and Planning, Management and Development Services Inc., Philippines. The Draft was subjected to a series of inter-agency, local and national consultations as facilitated by the Palawan Integrated Area Development Project Office (PIADPO).
October 1985
The SEP for Palawan draft came about. The political events in February 1986 overtook the SEP implementation. Several changes were made like the inclusion of the island municipalities and the need to emphasize ‘equitability’ as a development goal. Intensive local consultations at the grassroots level were made.
December 1987
The final edition of the SEP was completed. Intensive local consultations both at the local and national levels were conducted (1985-1988).
March 1988
SEP was presented to the two Congressmen of Palawan, Speaker of the House of Representatives Ramon V. Mitra Jr. and Cong. David A. Ponce de Leon of the First Congressional District of Palawan. Resolutions were adopted and approved by the municipal mayors of Palawan.
May 25, 1988
SEP was submitted to the House of Representatives as House Bill No. 10945. On September 1988, SEP passed the third reading of the Congress.
October 1988
Sixteen Congressional Representatives from the different provinces sponsored SEP as Senate Bill No. 19576. November 1989, it passed the second reading at the Senate of the Philippines.
June 19, 1992
Pres. Corazon C. Aquino signed Republic Act 7611 otherwise known as the Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan Act
August 15, 1992
SEP was formally launched at the Palawan Provincial Capitol Complex. The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) was organized and held its first Council Meeting at the PCSDS Office, Bldg. 2, Provincial Agricultural Center, Irawan, Puerto Princesa City.