Plenary Talk 1

A Framework for Achieving a Carbon-free Society
-Dr. Dai Yeun Jeong
Asia Climate Change Education center, and Jeju National University (South Korea)  View!

Plenary Talk 2

The Palawan Ark
-Dr. Rafe Brown
University of Kansas (USA) View!

Plenary Talk 3

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
-Dr. Devendra Saroj
University of Surrey (United Kingdom) View!

Plenary Talk 4

Ecological Stability of UNESCO Designated Sites
-Dr. Roy G. Ponce
Davao Oriental State University View!

Plenary Talk 5

Impacts of High-Density Development on the Built Environment in Hong Kong
-Dr. Paulina Maria Neisch
City University of Hongkong View!

Plenary Talk 6

Catalyzing Sustainable Development Through Eco-Industrial Development
-Dr. Anthony Shun Fung Chiu
De La Salle University, Manila
Member , UNEP International Resource Panel 

Plenary Talk 7

The Political Economy of Land and Resources in the Philippines
-Dr. Dominique Caouette
University of Montreal, Canada View!

Plenary Talk 8

Natural Laboratory Clamours Sustainability
-Sulubaai Environmental Foundation and TMO
Universidad Mayor (Chile)

Plenary Talk 9

Addressing Local and Global Development Challenges: Criteria and Opportunities for Responsible Development, in the Palawan Experience
-Mr. Anders Haagen
Lionheart Farms Philippines Corporation View!