Musikalikasan is an online rap (singing and composition) contest where the rap songs composed by the artists should be related to the photo montage they selected from the collection provided by the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS).

The montage shots that are provided by the PCSDS show environmental issues and/or good sustainable practices.

This online activity aims to reach Palaweño music artists, especially the ‘rap community’ of the province, and encourage them to be more involved in the protection and conservation of the environment.


  1. A collection of photo montages will be provided by the PCSDS. The contestants will choose one photo montage from the collection and compose a rap song about it.
  • Persons of all ages can join the competition. Only Palaweños are allowed to join, including those who are currently living outside Palawan. One individual or a group may submit one (1) entry.
  • The contestant should compose a song about the photo montage he chose, and use his own original beat. He may also use beats which were not of his own creation, provided that such beats are not subject to copyrights.

Non-copyrighted beats should be indicated in their entries and the source should be properly indicated.

  • Each entry must have a minimum length of 30 seconds (0:30) and a maximum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds (2:30).
  • Songs must be in Filipino, English, or Taglish.
  • Each songwriter or group should submit their entry by posting a video of themselves singing their song and sending the link through the entry form, OR by uploading the video entry on the Google Forms.

Contestants are encouraged to use the photo montage they chose as their background in their video entry.

  • By submitting an entry, the contestant/s agree to allow the PCSDS to use their creative work, entirely or partially, in any of its activities, publications, posts, video productions, recordings, and other forms of media. In turn, the PCSDS will observe the proper giving of credits to the artists who originally created the works of art. 

All entries should NOT include:

  1. Curse words, foul language and other inappropriate words.
  2. Issues about politics and any derogatory statements.
  3. Should incorporate or heighten the ‘pride’ campaign and should promote environmental conservation in its lyrics.
  4. Plagiarized beats and lyrics.


  • Entries should first, indicate the name/ pen name of the artist or entity, address, contact number, email address, title of the song composition, and the photo montage picked by the contestant.
  • Each entry should include the #Musikalikasan and #SEP28 tags in their entry captions.
  • The criteria for judging are as follows:
  • Content – 30%
  • Online engagements – 30%
  • Creativity – 20%
  • Relevance – 20%

Each participant should fill up a form using the google form through this link (CLICK ON THIS LINK)