Zero Carbon Resorts Project National Policy Forum on Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Tourism Sector 

A national policy forum on Zero Carbon Resorts (ZCR) will be held on February 7, 2018 at the New World Hotel, Manila, being organized the the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff-Zero Carbon Resorts Project, and the project lead University of Vienna’s Centre for Appropriate Technology-GrAT. The forum shall convene delegates from other ZCR-province practitioners, experts and partners from Thailand, other national agencies and foreign partners.

This is in relation to the success of the “Local Policy Forum and Technical Sharing Session for Sustainable Tourism and Sustainable Consumption and Production” held in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan last September 2016. The forum aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of tourism stakeholders, policymakers and LGUs to formulate and implement relevant policies on sustainable consumption and production under the Work Package 5 of the ZCR Project: “Strengthening Institutional Capacity to Formulate and Implement Policy on SCP for Tourism Sector in Both Countries,” Thailand and Philippines.

Said activity aims to present and update sustainable tourism and sustainable consumption and production and the challenges and opportunities in pursuing the same in the other participants’ localities or regions. The same will serve as venue for sharing experiences about policy implementation of zero carbon and sustainable tourism in the Philippines and Thailand.

The forum shall also be a venue for policy makers to get better gauge in the creation of legislation that will sustain and implement the needed enhancement and strengthening of the tourism industry’s policy system in the country.