Assessment of Gravel and Sand Extraction in Selected Areas in Palawan Leading to Formulation of Policy Guidelines

I. Rationale

Palawan is currently in the forefront of inevitable development as manifested by numerous construction of both vertical and horizontal infrastructure particularly in growth centers and major tourism areas such as Puerto Princesa City, El Nido and Coron. As such, the demand for sand and gravel continues to soar, particularly for construction of roads, airports, resorts, malls and buildings. River quarrying is the main source of aggregates particularly from the nearby rivers and neighboring municipalities.
Based on available studies, river sand quarrying can particularly damage private and public properties as well as aquatic habitats Assessment of its environmental impact to the river system where aggregates are being extracted and the immediate environment needs to be undertaken to evaluate the status of river systems subjected to quarrying, recommend remedial/mitigating measures to prevent further destruction and ultimately formulate policy guidelines for the province to prevent further destruction of river ecosystem and its immediate environs. The PCSDS is looking for a competent technical person who can meet the objectives specified below.

II. Objectives

a) To craft guidelines that will ensure that sand and gravel extraction is carried out in a sustainable manner; and
b) To propose regulatory measures that support the maintenance of the river equilibrium with the application of sediment transport principles in determining the location of aggregate extraction, period of extraction and the volume to be extracted.

III. Study Method

In the conduct of this study, the expert should take into consideration assessment of selected river system in Puerto Princesa City, Aborlan and Narra. Actual field visit and random interview of immediate settlers within the vicinity of the river system shall be conducted as well as review of available monitoring reports of the PCSD District Management Offices (DMOs)/DENR vis-a-vis permitees compliance to the conditionaties of SEP Clearance and Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC).

IV. Expected Outputs/Deliverables

The consultant is expected to deliver a final output in the form of 1) status of river system in selected areas on suitability, analysis of quarrying in terms of location, period and volume of aggregates; and 2) long term policy/management guidelines on sustainable river quarrying including off-channel in flood plains extraction recommendations.

V. Application

Interested applicants are required to submit an Expression of Interest (original or scanned copy) in person or through registered mail or by email on or before the published deadline. If sent by email, it is required that the original copy must be sent through registered mail or courier service.

VI. Deadline of Receipt of Application

Application can be sent from August 25 to September 8, 2017. Any application received after the deadline will not be considered.
In case of email submission, the deadline applies to the date of receipt by the PCSDS Executive Director at email address: with cc: In the case of registered mail or courier service, the deadline applies to the date of dispatch indicated on the post office stamp or dispatch receipt.

VII. Submission of Application

The expression of interest to be submitted must be in the form of “Letter Intent”. The expression of interest has to include the following: A. Concept proposal which must be in accordance with the requirements provided herein B. Resume of the Technical Consultant C. List of corresponding expertise of Research Assistants (if any) D. Affiliation including track record of entity where affiliated E. Copy of related researches and publications (peer-reviewed) VIII. Eligibility of Criteria
The applicant must be an expert must be a specialist on geology, hydrology, riverine ecology or related fields and must have two or more peer reviewed related publications.

IX. Selection Criteria

A. Expertise 30 % B. Related Publication/Work Experience 40% C. Track Record 30% Total 100%

X. Selection Procedure

All applications received at any time on or before the aforementioned deadline will be evaluated the soonest against Eligibility and Selection criteria as mentioned above.
Applicants with incomplete documents submitted as well as those applications not complying with the Eligibility Criteria shall be rejected. The rejected applicants shall not be entitled to any further rights or remedies. Proper notification will be done shall be done for this purpose.
The selection shall be deemed complete upon written confirmation by the PCSDS Executive Director to the applicant indicating therein the results of selection
For clarification of details including project cost, etc., you may call the landline: (048) 4344235 and mobile 0927-876-7887 and look for Forester John Vincent Fabello.