Wildlife Special Use Permit


  1. Duly accomplished application form with two (2) recent 2″ x 2″ photo of applicant.
  2. List of species to be collected indicating the quantity for each and methods of collection to be used, which must be with least or no detrimental effects to existing wildlife population and their habitats.
  3. For aquatic wildlife, in case of incidental catches that can no longer be returned to the wild, an affidavit of undertaking that the applicant shall submit an inventory of incidental catches within fifteen (15) days after collection.
  4. Clearances from the affected communities:
    • Free and Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) of the Indigenous Peoples (IP), and/or
    • prior clearance of the concerned Local Government Units (LGU)
    • clearance from the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB)
    • consent of individuals or associations with valid tenurial or other private rights to the area concerned
  5. Names, addresses and photocopies of any valid ID with photo and signature of authorized collectors/trappers and
  6. Payment of fees.
    • For Economically Important Species for Direct Trade – 500.00
    • For all wildlife for Shows/Exhibitions – 300.00
    • For all wildlife for Educational Purposes (Other than Scientific Research such as trainings and conventions) – 50.00
    • For all wildlife for Documentation for Commercial Purposes – 300.00


Requirements for Traders of reef-fish-for-food

  1. Duly accomplished application form with two (2) recent 2” x 2” photo of applicant.
  2. Brief description of the project to include:
    • Type and purpose of the project
    • Target monthly volume to be traded
    • Project Cost
    • Location/areas (sitio, barangay, municipality) of operation, location map of area of operation indicating the name of adjacent water bodies and landmarks) .
    • Project operation which shall include (i) type of RFF to be traded,(ii) names and addresses of accredited catchers as source ofreef-fishes to be traded, (iii)trading facilities such as aquarium and holding tanks (for traders of live fishes), (iv) market destinations/outlet, including transshipment points and (v) mode of transport to be used.
  3. Governor’s Permit or Mayor’s Permit in case of Puerto Princesa City
  4. Written commitment to submit to PCSD every quarter the following documents indicating information on every trading transaction made during the last quarter:
    • QuarterlyReport indicating the following data: date of trading, volume (kg and number) per species of reef-fish-for-food bought from the catcher-source and sizes (centimeter and number) per species of RFF sold with place of sale and name and address of buyer(s) who purchased.
    • Photocopy of the Auxiliary Invoice issued by the Municipal/City Government for all RFF traded within the quarter.
  5. Certification from PCSDS concerned division that the applicant-trader has no pending case (before the PCSD Adjudication Boardor that the PCSDS has not filed any criminal case against the trader) related to reef-fish-for-food
  6. Payment of fees amounting to Php500.00

see Re-viced Admin Order No. 5

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