Law enforcement authorities confiscated one unregistered unit of chainsaw from the possession of a certain Khian Rufano in Brgy. Binga, San Vicente, Palawan.

The Provincial Law Enforcement Task Force, composed of PCSDS Enforcement Team and Bantay Palawan Operatives together with the representative of Local Government Unit of the Municipality of San Vicente, confiscated the said item on February 3 in violation of R.A. 9175, otherwise known as Chainsaw Act.

In a regular foot patrol, along the way, the team noticed a freshly cut Ipil lumber being used in renovating an old house. The team found out upon admission of the house owners that no permit was issued unto them to possess and to use said banned lumber in renovating their house.

It was found that a certification from the barangay chairman has been issued, permitting them to utilize lumber but not specifically stated as Ipil. The team advised the house owners to refrain from using Ipil throughout the house renovation process so much so that they won’t be criminally charged for doing so.

Rufano was pinpointed to be the chainsaw owner and operator who was allegedly responsible for cutting the Ipil lumber. Having found him in person, the Rufano voluntarily surrendered his chainsaw unit and he was issued a certificate of Turn-Over Receipt.