Devanadera Challenged PSDSAP Participants

by | Jul 16, 2014

At the end of the two-day Palawan Sustainable Development Strategic Action Planning (PSDSAP) for northern Palawan municipalities, PCSDS Executive Director Nelson P. Devanadera in his closing statement has challenged the participants to be at the mainstream of the whole process by fully committing themselves into the integration of the planning output.

“We might be duplicating plans, so many plans,” as Devanadera restated comments from the participants, “but still, this will be organized into the comprehensive land use plan of the respective municipalities with strong consideration on the aspect of sustainability.

Devanadera pointed out on the importance of economic capital which the province has to rely and consider. “The natural resources capital of our country is so high. Although these resources have yet to be equated into peso or dollar, we have to maintain these too as our economic capital,” he added.

In the end, we the people, the social capital, will have also to be protected. Your individual tasks in the local government and our role at the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development joined together will play a part for the sustainable development of Palawan.