Deputation training for Katala Foundation’s wildlife wardens held

by | Mar 2, 2017

Thirty wildlife wardens underwent a two-day Special Deputy Environment and Natural Resources Officers (SDENDRO) training in Barangay Iwahig, Puerto Princesa City. It was organized on February 6-7 by the Katala Foundation Inc. in cooperation with the PCSDS, through the ECAN Education and Extension (EEED).

Said training was attended by the participants coming from the different barangays in Puerto Princesa where there are sightings of Katala. Some of the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm (IPPF) personnel also participated in the training.

George Saragena of the PCSDS ECAN Education and Extension Division was invited as trainer.

Saragena discussed the Legal Framework for Wildlife Enforcement in Palawan; the Environmentally Critical Areas Network (ECAN) as the main strategy of the Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan Act; the laws and policies mandated to be implemented by the PCSD; and other technicalities entailed to the job of WEOs.

In April 2016, the IPPF Biodiversity Conservation Program (IBCP) was established to conserve, protect and maintain the diversity and function of ecosystems and wildlife species in IPPF.

According to the KFI, the IPPF is of outstanding conservation importance. Out of ca. 320 bird species found in Palawan, 177 are recorded in IPPF (mountains are not checked yet; P. Widmann 2016 during 2nd RTD).

The area is also home to the globally third-most important Philippine Cockatoo population, after Rasa Island and Pandanan/Bugsuk Islands.

Due to its high number of different ecosystems harboring a diverse flora and fauna of outstanding conservation program, it is recognized that a sustained biodiversity conservation is essential to ensure a balanced ecosystem within the area.