Balabac plans to save Pilandok

by | May 15, 2019

Balabac plans to save Pilandok

During the same planning and consultation workshop to resolve human-crocodile conflict in Balabac  last April 22 to 24, participants also gathered as a community to discuss the ways they can commit to halt the  population decline of Balabac Mouse Deer or popularly known as Pilandok.

            Pilandok is endemic in the island of Balabac. It is enlisted by IUCN as Endangered which means that it is highly at risk of being extinct when no concrete actions are taken.

            Prof. Christian Supsup of De La Salle University, an expert in the study of  Balabac Mouse Deer, shared his knowledge to help the participants develop plans to conserve the Mouse Deer.

            Up until now,  few is still known about Pilandok and studies on its nature and population is still limited.

            Prof. Supsup said one of the major contributer to the loss of Pilandok is forest degradation. Participants said some residents of Balabac practice slash and burn or kaingin and illegal logging.

            Participants identified solutions to address the problems which will be consolidated by Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) into an action plan.

            The said plan will be finalized, proposed to the PCSD and becomes operational once approved.

Officers and representatives from the academe, Municipality of Balabac, barangays, and Armed Forces of the Philippines joined the participatory consultation and planning workshop to address human-crocodile conflict and conserve Balabac Mouse Deer, held from April 22 to April 24 at Publacion, Balabac.