Earth Day 2018: End Plastic Pollution

by | Apr 22, 2018

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April 22 is the Earth Day Celebration! This year’s theme is to end plastic pollution.

Human beings create plastic waste at an astounding rate, as of 2015 the total was estimated to be around 6300 million metric tons. Of that, a staggering 79% accumulates in landfills and the environment. The plastic makes its way to the ocean where it traps and is eaten by marine animals. In the ocean the plastic continually breaks into smaller and smaller pieces until it can enter the blood stream of fish and other organisms, bringing along the toxins it has absorbed. (

This Earth Day 2018, why not start small and refuse the plastic straw? Our everyday consumption of plastic straws contribute largely to the waste thrown into the ocean, causing death and damage to tons of marine life, and eventually, this damage will also affect us. When straw is not necessarily needed, refuse it! Or better yet, bring your own metal or wooden straw. Small actions like this will then become regular habits and will urge the other to do the same.

Earth Day is more than just a celebration to give thanks to the natural environment, but also a call to action for us to change our lifestyle into a greener one.

Share your green lifestyle practices! Use the hashtag #EarthDay2018and if you’re already practicing refusing the straw, share your story with the hashtag #SkipTheStraw

For more information about the activities of Earth Day 2018, visit and become part of the global change!