Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff

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Palawan, an innovative and dynamic global center of sustainable development.


PCSDS as the driver of environmental conservation and inclusive development in Palawan, a biosphere reserve and science-for-sustainability site, guided by the Strategic Environmental Plan.


 We are committed to transform Palawan into an innovative and dynamic global center of sustainable development. We pledge to serve the people with integrity, honor, and sensitivity with regard to gender and culture, and in accordance with excellent governance and professionalism. We adhere to participatory, ethical, and science-based decision-making processes. We remain faithful to the principles of sustainable development through quality management system and continually strive for excellence for intergenerational benefits. We abide by the principles of transparency and accountability.



 The PCSDS is dedicated to achieving our vision and mission by upholding our core values.

Integrity and Honor

Gender and Cultural Sensitivity

Ethical decision-making

Transparency and Accountability

Service-oriented and exemplary professionalism


Participatory/Mutual respect


Our Story

The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development was established in 1992 by Republic Act 7611, also known as the Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) for Palawan Act. The SEP Law is purposefully designed for the province of Palawan to ensure that the province’s fragile environment is protected, conserved, utilized, and managed effectively. It sets out the framework to both the public and private sectors in terms of conservation and development planning and policy formulation, as well as regulating the entry of development projects in the province of Palawan. The general philosophy of the SEP law is sustainable development or the betterment of present and future generations’ quality of life through the integration of development and environmental protection programs.


The PCSD is dedicated to transforming Palawan into a globally innovative and dynamic center for sustainable development. We do that through the adoption of strategies and standardization of programs and activities designed to implement the Environmentally Critical Areas Network (ECAN), the fundamental strategy for implementing the SEP Law. We work in Palawan by establishing a diversified and innovative team of experienced professionals, known as the PCSD Staff, and making a positive impact in the communities we serve.


Realizing sustainable development in Palawan 

The PCSD facilitates sustainable development in Palawan through implementing the Environmentally Critical Areas Network (ECAN), which is the key strategy of the SEP Law. It is a ridge-to-reef integrated approach that provides a graded system of protection and development management across the entire province. The purpose of this strategy is to protect Palawan’s ecological integrity and effectively manage it as a fragile island ecosystem. The ECAN identifies areas that should be protected and developed. The ECAN Zoning Process establishes and marks the boundaries of core zones, buffer zones such as Restricted use area, Controlled use area, and Traditional use area, and the Multiple/manipulative use area on both land and sea. The ECAN  zoning process also includes the designation of prescribed activities and resource use for each zone.

The SEP Law also establishes the framework for resource management and capital development outside of ECAN zones. It also includes the management of coastal resources, catchment area resources, timber and mines, lowland development, and settlement areas. The SEP Law also addresses resource management and planning within tourism areas in Palawan.