4th Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Panel

by | Jun 19, 2018

4TH Scientific Advisory Panel Meeting

4th Scientific Advisory Panel Meeting happening now.

The PCSD – Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) is convening for the 4th time today, June 19, 2018, to tackle five (5) environmental and sustainability policy issues affecting Palawan. Said panel is composed of some of the country’s top-notch environmental scientists that will give policy recommendations on the following questions:

1. Ecological and Bio-Physical issues
a. How sustainable is freshwater extraction for domestic, agricultural and commercial use in an island ecosystem?
b. How can PCSDS strengthen the scientific basis of delineating Environmentally Critical Areas Network (ECAN) zones in Palawan, with due consideration of the socioeconomic and cultural dimensions?
2. Socio-Cultural and Economic issues
a. What management options can be recommended with the overexploitation of the sea cucumber and abalone in Palawan?
b. Should similar policy instrument on open and close season be passed to conserve these species or should Palawan start investing in the culture and commercialization of these resources?
c. What is the appropriate code of conduct for tourists that will help maintain the ecosystem integrity of Palawan, a Biosphere Reserve?

The PCSD-SAP was organized in 2015 as a collaboration of scientists and experts across the country who have previous engagements in Palawan to further provide a sound and scientific basis for the decision makers of the province.

The creation of the PCSD-SAP was an initiative of the PCSD Staff (PCSDS). The latter, being the support staff to the Council, has been providing technical expertise, researches and other services for the sustainable development of Palawan.

As a scientific body that shall augment technical information and recommendations prior to decisions by policy makers, specifically by the PCSD, the PCSD-SAP is continuously being empowered to provide or advice relevant and crucial information for Palawan’s social and natural resources.

The PCSD-SAP currently has a total of 20 members which includes the local universities: the Palawan State University, Holy Trinity University, Palawan Polytechnic College, Inc. and Western Philippines University, represented by their respective university Presidents, and institution such as the World Wide Fund- Philippines (WWF).