Republic of the Philippines
(R.A. 7611)
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan



WHEREAS, Section 6 of RA 7611 provides that the Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) shall serve as the framework to guide the government agencies concerned in the formulation and implementation of plans, programs and projects affecting the environment and natural resources of Palawan;

WHEREAS, Section 19 of Republic Act 7611 empowers the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, herein referred to as the Council, “to formulate plans and policies as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of the Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) for Palawan”, as well as “to adopt, amend and rescind such rules and regulations and impose penalties therefor for the effective implementation of the SEP”;

WHEREAS, the same section vests upon the Council the power to call on any department, bureau, office, agency or instrumentality of the Government, private entities and organization for cooperation and assistance in the performance of its functions;
WHEREAS, the Council may likewise perform related functions which shall promote the development, conservation, management, protection and utilization of the natural resources of Palawan ensuring its sustainable use;

WHEREAS,   pursuant to the aforementioned powers the Council issued policies intended to protect, manage and conserve terrestrial and marine natural resources in the Province of Palawan;

WHEREAS, the Council, in order to control and curtail if not completely eliminate the use of sodium cyanide in the live fish business, on October 27, 1995 passed PCSD Resolution No. 95-89 urging the Department of Agriculture (DA) to formulate and issue the appropriate instrument to ban completely live fish trading in Palawan and likewise enacted PCSD Resolution No. 95-90 urging the Congressmen of the first and second districts of Palawan to incorporate in the fisheries code/or to initiate legal measures to completely ban live fish trading in Palawan and in the entire Philippines;

WHEREAS, since no banning of live fish trading took place in the province, the Council saw the need to regulate live fish trade in the province, hence, on January 30, 1998 PCSD Resolution No. 98-118 was adopted requiring all carriers of live fish by land, air and sea in Palawan to obtain permit from the PCSD;

WHEREAS, on October 16, 1998 the Council further regulated the said trade by adopting PCSD Resolution No. 98-124 amending Resolution No. 98-118 to include carriers, catchers, shippers, fishing boat operators and dealers and all others concerned with the business of catching and shipping of live fish from Palawan to obtain a permit from PCSD;

WHEREAS, the Council imposed on all live fish carriers, traders and catchers to obtain accreditation from the PCSD when it enacted PCSD Resolution 99-142 on May 6, 1999 thereby providing guidelines for the accreditation, regulation and monitoring of live fish catching, culture, transport and trading in Palawan as incorporated in PCSD Administrative Order No. 05, series of 2000 which was subsequently amended by PCSD Resolution No. 03-209 and PCSD Resolution No. 03-211;

WHEREAS, live fish business has been and is still one of the major trades in the province and its operation has contributed to the immense use of our marine resources that produced negative impacts on our natural resources not only because of the use of sodium cyanide but also because of over fishing;

WHEREAS, study shows that as early as 2003, the live reef fish for food fishery of Palawan has been over exploited and shows the rate of depletion to be increasing to such an extent that the current harvests are not anymore sustainable;

WHEREAS, the estimated province-wide Maximum Sustainable Export for Grouper (MSEG) was computed at 139.56 tons per year, such as in 2003 the volume of live groupers shipped out of Palawan was recorded at 321.25 tons and has steadily increased to 704.30 tons in the first semester of 2007;

WHEREAS, as a result of said summit, the participants agreed to have a quota system for the live reef fish for food industry in Palawan. Considering the present condition of the marine environment of the province, there has been a consensus to impose a One Hundred Forty (140) Metric Tons quota as the total volume per year for the entire province and thereafter the quota may vary depending on the condition and/or capacity of the marine environment for the succeeding years;

WHEREAS, the imposition and allocation of such quota shall be subject to an implementing guidelines to be drafted in consultation with the industry players, representative from the Non-Government Organization, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Palawan, the Palawan League of Municipalities and the concerned enforcement and monitoring agencies;

WHEREFORE, for and in consideration of foregoing premises and upon motion duly seconded, the Council RESOLVES, as it is hereby RESOLVED, to adopt, as it is hereby adopted a quota system for the live reef fish trade in the province of Palawan.

, that all existing accreditations and applications for renewals of live fish accreditation which henceforth may be granted shall be valid only up to the first quarter of 2008 and that the accreditations for live reef fish business where the quota system will be implemented shall start on the month of April 2008.

that the quota system be indorsed to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan for information and action;

RESOLVED FINALLY, that copies of this Resolution be furnished all Local Government Units and concerned government agencies and be posted in all District Management Offices of the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff.

APPROVED AND ADOPTED this 14th day of December 2007 at Puerto Princesa City.

xxx                                           xxx                                           xxx

I hereby certify that the above-quoted Resolution has been duly adopted and approved by the PCSD on the 14th day of December 2007 at Puerto Princesa City.



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